Established in 1993, the Massachusetts’ Most Endangered Historic Resources Program is one of our most important preservation advocacy and education tools. Local groups or individuals who are deeply concerned about the potential loss of these significant resources nominate sites from across the state. The list is one of the first steps in focusing statewide attention on the condition of these historic resources and their importance to communities, and often serves as a catalyst for extensive preservation opportunities.

The Most Endangered list at its core an advocacy and education “PR” program. Preservation Massachusetts utilizes our statewide visibility, resources and networks to promote the importance of these resources and work with the nominators and other involved parties to find a solution to the preservation challenge. 

The Most Endangered list is announced each year at the Believe in Preservation event.

In 2013, Preservation Massachusetts conducted an in-depth review of the Most Endangered Program for it’s 20th anniversary. The retrospective, resource updates and other important information is in the process of being uploaded and arranged on our site. We hope that this new information will prove even more useful to our preservation partners as they take on their own preservation challenges or research past endangered properties.

See what 20 years of this critical program has done for preservation in Massachusetts and what we can learn for making this program better for the next two decades. Watch the 20th Anniversary Retrospective below.

For information on the 2014 Most Endangered Program please contact Courtney Whelan (, Program Manager.

Peruse updates and our collective findings in our Massachusetts Most Endangered Historic Resources20th Anniversary Retrospective Report.

Download (PDF, 5.7MB)


For a list of all yearly Massachusetts’ Most Endangered Historic Resources (from 1993-present), click here.

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Next Year’s Announcement

The Most Endangered list is announced each year at the Believe in Preservation event. Join our mailing list or become a member for more information.

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