Act Now to Help Extend our State Historic Tax Credit Program!

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PM needs your help in ensuring the Massachusetts Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit will continue to benefit our Commonwealth! The program is scheduled to sunset in December, 2011, unless an provision to extend the program is included in the Massachusetts FY 2011 budget.  The Senate’s version of the budget  included a proposal to extend the credit until 2017, but was not included in the House version.  The budget is currently in a joint conference committee and will be finalized and presented to the Governor by July 1.

So how can you help? PM is asking all members, partners and colleague to encourage the House to include the sunset extension provision in the final budget.  Write to the Joint Budget Conference Committee today, especially constituents of the following members:

Senator Stephen Panatiotakos (Chair, Senate Ways & Means) State House, Room 212

Senator Stephen Brewer, State House, Room 109B

Senator Michael Knapik, State House Room 419

Representative Charles A. Murphy (Chair, House Ways & Means), State House, 243

Representative Robert A. DeLeo, Speaker of the House, State House, Room 356

Representative Barbara A. L’latlien, State House, Room 237

Representative Robert S. Hargraves, State House, Room 238

Letters should be mailed to the Massachusetts State House, Boston, MA 02133

Click here to view the letter PM sent to the Budget Conference Committee on the economic and historic benefits of the tax credit program and use it as a template.  Please send your letter within the next week and feel free to contact PM’s office with questions about the MHRTC!

Click here to view PM’s Economic Study of the impact and benefits of the MHRTC.

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